“Blue World” Diving and Excursions
is one of the most renowned boat excursion and diving centers in Calabria, active for over 25 years. A company born from the love of the sea of Gregorio Schiariti, father of the current owner Davide, who wanted to make his passion into a leading reality in the world of diving and boat excursions in Capo Vaticano and Tropea.

Our Diving Center and Boat Excursions is in Località Fortino in Capo Vaticano
, with us you will always find courtesy, kindness and professionalism.
You can book the most beautiful boat trips to get to know Capo Vaticano and Tropea, our team will be at your disposal to introduce you to magical sights and places, where nature blends with the sea creating truly unforgettable landscapes.

Come and visit us! We will give you all the news and assistance so that you can have a unique experience, in complete safety, in Capo Vaticano: emotions that you will carry with you forever, along with the memories of your beautiful vacation in Capo Vaticano.

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